Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Emmanuel’s Doorpost?

Emmanuel translates “God with us” (Isa 7: 14 Mt 1: 23,) this is the prophecy of the Messiah our Lord.  Doorpost translates “Mezuzah” in Hebrew; it is a commandment that Jewish people have observed since Moses taught it directly from God.  Sadly it has become more of a tradition; very few know what it is, or what is written inside. Our Lord is the Word. He came to fulfill the law and the commandments.  To observe this commandment with a Cross; is to proclaim your faith in the Father and the Son!

Why should I do this?

Remember, we are here to fight a spiritual battle, the god of this world (Devil,) does not want you to be protected, like Job was (Job 1:10).  But our Father the Almighty God, gave this to His faithful for a reason.

Are Jews not Israel?

This was my understanding also, but after much prayer and study, no. Israel is a faith!  You know how our Lord teaches, that we are one body in the church (1 Cor 10:16,17).  Our faith is in the Almighty God of Israel, our Lord is the King of Israel, and we faithful are one with Him (Eph 2:12 ,13,) we are Israel!

Isn’t the Doorpost for the Jews?

No, the commandments are for all the faithful.  For example (Rev 14: 12,) those who succeed in overcoming the great tribulation, possess the faith in Jesus Christ, and keep the commandments!

Isn’t Israel a country, or tribes of Israel?

No, Israel is a faith.  We trust in the God of Israel, we pray through the blood of the Passover Lamb, our High Priest, the King of Israel, Jesus Christ, Emmanuel (God with us,) we seek the Kingdom coming, the new Jerusalem. Christians are Israel of God!

Should I write the verses myself?

At first, I was convinced that we must write the verses ourselves which is what I did, but after much thought and prayer, I realize, that how we get this done, is not as important, as understanding and reading the verses, Our Lord is the only High Priest, the blood of the Lamb of God is the only way to atone for our sins.  Fulfilling the Commandments of Almighty Father is in our hearts, not in religious ceremony.