After receiving your order

  • Open your Doorpost.
  • Find the scroll sheet, you should read the verses, and familiarize yourself with their meaning, and the promises of the Almighty Father. 
  • Cut on the perforated line, and roll them up as tightly as possible.
  • Place the smaller scroll in the horizontal part of the Cross, and the longer one in the vertical.  
  • Place the cover back on.

The cross is now ready to be placed on your door
The Doorpost is meant to be attached on your front door, to be a visible sign of your faith to all who enter, and leave, usually about shoulder height. 
(pic of my doorpost)

The nails are provided.If it is not possible to nail on, use adhesive, or double sided tape. 

I provided some blank scrolls for you to write the verses,  if you choose. You may have to use both sides of the paper.

The scrolls sheet can be printed from the website, if you need more than one.

I am sure you will feel what I felt when this commandment is fulfilled in your house! 

Thank the Almighty Father for this blessing, and His protection, in our Lords name.

I am confident that this will be a source of pride and a blessing to your house.

Simon Z

Instructions for your Doorpost.